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Icons and Graphics by Li
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This is where I post all my graphics. Please keep in mind that I'm still learning, so they're not going to be TEH AWESOME just yet, but I make some pretty decent stuff. I do take requests, as long as you post pictures of what you want, ect. ect.

Da Rules
  • A simple icon can take me anywhere from 10 minutes to several hours to finish. That means they're very special to me. It'd be in your best interest to credit me.
  • If you take something, let me know. Just comment, man. Takes 2 seconds.
  • If I use one of your gradients, brushes, textures, ect LET ME KNOW~! I know how hard it is to make this stuff. You deserve the credit! :D
  • If you request an icon, it may take a while, especially if you're not specific on what you want. If you can tell me what you want, down to the font, I LOVE YOU. It kind of frazzles me when people ask "Can you make me an icon out of this picture" and nothing else. Color scheme? What do you want it to say?
  • Do NOT, and I repeat DO NOT, request in my personal journal. I'm currently not accepting friends there. All my entried thus far have been locked for my own reasons.
  • If you don't like something PLEASE TELL ME. Icons can really represent who you are and I know how it is, trying to find/make THE ONE. I'll probably give you a few different models anyway.
  • I don't do animated icons just yet! Maybe in the future!
  • Please, please, PLEASE provide at least one image. And don't gimme "I can't find it". Google Image Search, baby.

    Have fun!