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Per te, per te, vivro [entries|friends|calendar]
Icons and Graphics by Li

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Icons! [25 Jul 2005|11:46pm]

[ mood | I GOTTA PEE ]

I've neglected icons for awhile, but I've just had these bursts of creativity. It was quite nice. :D

Here they be~!Collapse )

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCIA! [10 Jul 2005|02:35am]

[ mood | crazy ]

I promised this and I will stay true that promise. It's a little late, but I have dial-up. :/ Under the cuts are my favorite Lucia pics, some icons, and the mood theme! I'm also in the works of make the first Lucia fansite on the net! (Please, don't make a fansite for Lucia to spite me. I'd be really upset because I've been working on it for a loooong time)

Also, my brother and I, and our musician/Lucia fan friends, got together and had a party in Lucia's honor. It was lots of fun and I made her a cake. I took pictures of the cake, so I can post those when I can develop them and scan them. It was lots and lots of fun! But, I degress.

Time for my picspam in honor of my idol and her 22 years of life, Lucia Micarelli.

The picspam to end all Lucia picspams!Collapse )

All of the Lucia icons I've made so far!Collapse )

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Instructions and download link here for the LUCIA MOODTHEME!Collapse )

I hope you all enjoy that as much as I did.

Love Always,

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[ mood | chipper ]

Ignore the subject. I'm a nerd like that. Haha. I made 5 Lucia icons fer ya'lls to use, if you feel so incliiiined! I plan on getting that moodtheme up soon! Never fear! Also. Expect huge pispams, and graphic spams, maybe even a few mp3s on JULY NINTH, LUCIA'S 22ND BIRTHDAY!


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6 Icons and 1 Banner [01 Jul 2005|11:13am]

[ mood | creative ]

1 Hilary Hahn, 1 Lucia, 1 Josh, 2 Michael Buble, and 1 of myself. I'm a bit of a narcissist. Haha. Also, one sexy banner!

Comment and Credit please!

Right this way, please!Collapse )

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[28 Jun 2005|09:03pm]

[ mood | content ]

Mmmkay, people. More graphics! Well, only 3. Whatev'. I'm too good to you guys with my cruddy graphics.

COMMENT AND CREDIT. :D *nances about*

Two FO banners and a colorbar!Collapse )
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A few more icons [27 Jun 2005|05:48pm]

[ mood | creative ]

I just threw most of these together at three AM save for like, 2. Haha.

5 Josh, 1 of my friend Lauren :DCollapse )

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ICONSES, PRECIOUS [20 Jun 2005|11:47pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

These are all the icons I've made so far. Some suck a little, but they're my first ones. Others, I love dearly. I'd also like to point out that these are the Midori icons on the web!

Lucia Micarelli (5)Collapse )

Hilary Hahn (6)Collapse )

Midori (2)Collapse )

Josh Groban (6)Collapse )

Michael Buble (2)Collapse )

Shakira (3)Collapse )

Ever After (3)Collapse )

Some very beautiful girls! :D (5)Collapse )

Tell me if you take these and please credit me if you do!

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[20 Jun 2005|05:07pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Ok. So this is LE GRAPHIC COMMUNITY. Haha. Just wanted to see how the layout would turn up, so intro post. I'm your lovely, talented, sexy, sophisticated, gorgeous, smart, funny mod, Li. Yes, yes. You can start bowing at my feet.

I jest.

So, I hope you all like my graphics. I should be making an icon post soon. The header is an example of my work.

WARNING. I am a Grobarelli Shipper (Josh/Lucia. They're MADE for each other, thanks), so I like them. A LOT. I don't bash GrobanJones shippers, but I do bash Jan. So watch out. I don't do it much. I'm nice.

This is mainly a graphics community, but I post other fun stuff, too. :D Have fun!

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