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Mmmkay, people. More graphics! Well, only 3. Whatev'. I'm too good to you guys with my cruddy graphics.

COMMENT AND CREDIT. :D *nances about*

Lucia Friends Only Banner:
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This is basically just an improvement on mine (Mine is sucky a lot). If you want your username or anything else on it, let me know. I can put it on there.

Lucia and Josh Friends Only Banner:
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I love this. Took me a little while to get the effect I wanted. Not spectacular, but cute all the same, right? Right. :)

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The Bach Double in D is first concerto love


Yeaaaaaaaah. I know. Lame, but I love the Bach double! If you're a suzuki kid, it's the first real concerto you learn, I think. I'd have to pull a book out or something.

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